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New Agutaya, San Vicente Palawan

New Agutaya, a barangay (the smallest administrative division in the Philippines) located in San Vicente, Palawan, boasts a rich history and culture, underpinned by the courage and community spirit of its early settlers.

The place that would become New Agutaya was originally a sitio (a smaller unit within a barangay) of Barangay Alimanguan, which was part of the Municipality of Taytay. At that time, the place was known as “Nasalugan”, a moniker derived from the Cuyunon word “saleg” meaning “floor”. The sitio’s pioneering inhabitants included Mr. Bartolome Adion and his family, along with his brother-in-law, Mr. Jose Favillaran.

The settlement started to experience a growth in population when groups from the municipality of Old Agutaya migrated to Nasalugan, leading to an increase in Agutaynens – the people from Agutaya – in the area. As the community grew, so did the desire for a distinct identity, leading to a petition for the sitio to be recognized as its own barangay. This plea was directed to the Municipal Mayor of Taytay, Domingo Mercado, who approved their request. Mr. Bartolome Adion, one of the original settlers, became the first Barangay Captain, leading the newly formed community.

Subsequently, a community decision transformed the barangay’s identity. In a barangay meeting, Melquiades Pablico proposed the name “New Agutaya” to honor the majority of inhabitants who were originally from the municipality of Agutaya. The proposal was well-received and passed unanimously. From that point forward, the community has been known as New Agutaya.

The evolution of New Agutaya took a significant turn on June 21, 1969, when the municipality of San Vicente was established. During this process, the Municipality of Taytay ceded some of its barangays, including New Agutaya, Binga, and Alimanguan, to San Vicente. This move added another chapter to the rich tapestry of New Agutaya’s history, and it continues to thrive as a significant part of San Vicente today.