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Barangay Caruray, located in San Vicente, Palawan, derives its name from the native Tagbanua word “Muruway,” which translates to “simple” or “simply easy terms of livelihood.” The barangay has a rich history of both indigenous people and migrants benefiting from the abundant resources found in the land and the surrounding seas.

Over time, the name “Muruway” transformed into “Caruray” due to the mispronunciation by migrants and strangers who arrived in the area. Despite the alteration, the name still carries the essence of simplicity and ease that characterizes the livelihood of the people in Caruray.

Caruray was previously a part of the nearby Puerto Princesa City but was transferred to San Vicente in 1972. This shift in administrative boundaries has played a significant role in shaping the barangay’s development and integration within the larger municipal context of San Vicente.

Caruray’s geography is marked by an expansive area encompassing both land and sea. The natural resources in the region have been instrumental in sustaining the local population’s livelihoods. The land provides fertile ground for agriculture, enabling residents to cultivate crops and reap bountiful harvests. Meanwhile, the surrounding seas offer a diverse range of marine resources, supporting fishing activities that contribute to the local economy.

The people of Caruray have developed a strong connection with their natural surroundings. The indigenous Tagbanua people, with their deep knowledge of the environment, have been able to harness the resources sustainably, ensuring the long-term viability of their way of life. The migrants who have settled in Caruray have also adapted to the local customs and traditions, creating a vibrant community that blends various cultural influences.

Caruray’s integration into San Vicente has brought about new opportunities and challenges. The barangay benefits from the larger municipal infrastructure, including improved access to education, healthcare, and transportation networks. It also participates in the local governance system, contributing to the decision-making processes that shape the development of San Vicente as a whole.

Despite these advancements, Caruray has managed to retain its distinct identity and charm. The simplicity and resilience of its people, coupled with the natural beauty of the surroundings, make Caruray a unique destination within the municipality of San Vicente. Visitors to Caruray can immerse themselves in the local culture, explore the diverse ecosystems, and experience the warmth and hospitality of its residents.

Caruray, a barangay in San Vicente, Palawan, derived its name from the Tagbanua word “Muruway,” which reflects the simplicity and ease of livelihood found in the area. With a history deeply rooted in the harmonious coexistence of indigenous and migrant communities, Caruray embraces its natural resources and preserves its cultural heritage. As part of San Vicente, Caruray continues to flourish while maintaining its unique identity as a haven of simplicity, resilience, and natural beauty.